Blade of Grass

Open eyes feign closed whilst voices pierce the air.
None can hear them, soon we all will listen.
Quaking calm dissolves sorrow‘s silent screams.
A lone blade of grass; proud inheritor of prophecy.
Inside its frail, lucid casing, all history has gathered;
Truth‘s cryptic masterpiece; nature’s forced epiphany.
No tree, nor forest, printed, can fathom Grass’ proof;   
Earth’s cached library; ingrained in purest pact;
Man’s touch the sole proprietor of revocation.
A given chance, however, laid within the fervent soiled;
Their life sacrificed to relay Mother’s message.
Unfortunate, for man, so few have learned her lessons;
An impairment cultured by technological naivety;
Whilst withered beauty strains to speak salvation.
Green ears dawn absent blindfolds; deaf to static warning;
The meager unrestrained infected by automated cancers.
Mankind’s innovations decay attempts at warning;
Oblivious advancements denying true fruition.
Their chance dissolved as shrills were made reserved;
As Father spoke to grass, Man must beget its fate.
Calamity shall advocate nature’s compulsion,
As the philosophy of grass endures its predicated apathy.

Always There

There are no words for all you’ve done for me.
No amount of gratitude will ever match your kindness.
In all my times of need you never wavered.
My struggles were burdens you willingly shouldered.
You carried the weight and never once complained.
I have always lived in doubt; in fear of what’s to come.
But no matter how bleak my life seemed,
You challenged me to strive, to overcome myself.
It is far from over; the battles in my mind may never cease.
There are moments when the darkness breaks me.
Times I stare into the void and feel the pain of silence,
Moments I hide under my blanket and wish myself away.
When my world crumbles alongside me, when I truly feel alone,
You always come to save me, to reassure me I'm alright.
You are the hallway light left on throughout the night;
The light streaking through the cracks in my door.
The boogeyman no longer serves to frighten me.
I hide from monsters of my own creation.
They masquerade as thoughts inside my mind,
Pretend to be desires, hopes and dreams,
Then force me to look into the mirror.
They break me down; make my reality seem worthless.
At times I feel lost, caught in the torrent of my brain.
But no matter how many times I fall apart,
Or how much I grow to hate myself.
I know you’ll be there to pick up the pieces.
I’m aware it's selfish of me to always lean on you,
To get so much and have nothing to give back.
Know that I will never forget the love you’ve given me.
There's no certainty in what the future holds,
No way of knowing where, or who, I may be then.
But I can tell you this with absolute certainty.
No matter how far the distance between us grows,
Or how trivial or serious a situation it might be,
Even if by then, you'd long since given on me.
As you have always done for me,
Should you call, I promise I will answer.


She breaks her heel in the crack of the sidewalk,
Cursing God’s name as she stumbles.
Her smeared lipstick draws the eyes’ of strangers.
Their jeers echo as she pulls herself together.
She casts her shoes into an alley without hesitation.
The night is young, and they'd only slow her down.
Two drunken men call her over to their car.
A familiar stench creeps into her nostrils.
Impotence leaves one man to simply watch, 
She charges double for the show.
Her hand remains inside her clutch;
The small blade remains her only comfort.
They drop her near the alley feeling satisfied.
She fakes a smile as it starts to rain.
The other girls begin withdrawing.
Hands raised, she embraces the frigid liquid.
Shivering as the night sky washes over her.
A man in a suit asks her about her shoes.
She hands him money and tells him not to worry.
He tells her she needs to look professional, 
She reaches for the money and feels his hand around her wrist.
He locks eyes with her, trying to intimidate her.
She meets his gaze with unwavering resolve.
The feel of carpet soothes her tattered feet.
Clutter fills the small apartment she calls home.
She puts a pot of coffee on and scrambles eggs.
Her shift at the diner starts soon.
She walks into her bedroom and lies down.
She smiles as the sheets begin to rustle.
“Mommy, is breakfast ready yet?”

Wishing Well

Unbeknownst to you, I slowly suffered.
A lifetime of solitude, a heart forgotten,
Silence left to take the place of dreams.
Abandoned by hope, afraid of my desires,
Left to see the world through closed eyes.
Apathetic and cold, a mannequin on display,
Surrounded by others, yet always alone.
My sense of purpose slipping out of reach,
Afraid to look at my own reflection.
I cast my soul into a wishing well, 
Sunk into its depths, embraced by fluid darkness,
The sky above grew smaller and more faint.
Yet still, I saw the shimmer of stars,
The void below unable to consume them.
These specks of light reached out to me,
Begged for me to take their hand.
There was no water at the bottom,
Only an that emptiness surrounded me.
But I could still see the lights above,
Flickers of hope I desperately clung to.
I felt eternity pass inside my mind,
All sense of reason devoured by time.
Trapped inside the well, I faced despair,
Fought against the world I had created.
Broken down as the light began to fade,
I felt a change inside of me, a yearning.
Arms raised, I begged the light to take my hand,
Wished to be pulled wholly from the darkness,
To let go of the shackles that bound me.
There is something more for me in life,
Someone willing to help shoulder my burdens.
Frantic, I struggled towards the opening,
Terrified of the waning crescent above.
The sliver vanished behind a veil of darkness,
My light severed before I reached it.
The stone beneath my hands forgotten,
My cries echoed throughout the well.
Silence crept up from the dark pit below,
And one last time, I begged to be saved.
Warmth enveloped my hand, you came for me,
The moon to illuminate the night.