Always There

There are no words for all you’ve done for me.
No amount of gratitude will ever match your kindness.
In all my times of need you never wavered.
My struggles were burdens you willingly shouldered.
You carried the weight and never once complained.
I have always lived in doubt; in fear of what’s to come.
But no matter how bleak my life seemed,
You challenged me to strive, to overcome myself.
It is far from over; the battles in my mind may never cease.
There are moments when the darkness breaks me.
Times I stare into the void and feel the pain of silence,
Moments I hide under my blanket and wish myself away.
When my world crumbles alongside me, when I truly feel alone,
You always come to save me, to reassure me I'm alright.
You are the hallway light left on throughout the night;
The light streaking through the cracks in my door.
The boogeyman no longer serves to frighten me.
I hide from monsters of my own creation.
They masquerade as thoughts inside my mind,
Pretend to be desires, hopes and dreams,
Then force me to look into the mirror.
They break me down; make my reality seem worthless.
At times I feel lost, caught in the torrent of my brain.
But no matter how many times I fall apart,
Or how much I grow to hate myself.
I know you’ll be there to pick up the pieces.
I’m aware it's selfish of me to always lean on you,
To get so much and have nothing to give back.
Know that I will never forget the love you’ve given me.
There's no certainty in what the future holds,
No way of knowing where, or who, I may be then.
But I can tell you this with absolute certainty.
No matter how far the distance between us grows,
Or how trivial or serious a situation it might be,
Even if by then, you'd long since given on me.
As you have always done for me,
Should you call, I promise I will answer.