Forever's Bond

Surely it was fate, that played the greatest role.
The miracle of meeting, the combining of our souls.
It wasn’t easy made, this bond that lasts forever.
In fact it took the braving, of the most damning types of weather.
But as with even darkest storms, the clouds did have to part
And brilliant rays of sun let shine, truest warmth of heart.
The mistakes along the way, the wrong paths frequent traveled.
Proved in nature works divine, necessities for love to be unraveled.
A scarlet rose, you are, amongst a sea of endless lions.
And I, your rock, forever always, a shoulder made to cry on.
Together bliss was every day, a unity of endless bounds.
For your touch would send me soaring, lift me high up off the ground.
But even with such strong conviction, cliche was proven still.
All good things must meet an end, leaving heartache and surrendered loss of will.
Those words of Gentian callousness, even God dare not remember.
For that day the flame of anger raged, leaving now black smoke and glowing ember.
And like the Phoenix, from the ashes, our paths have crossed again.
Not as Romeo and Juliet, but as the confidant, a cherished friend.
Because in my time of isolation, epiphany paved way to reason.
There is no ‘me’ without your friendship, like the world without a changing season.
Alone is not as lonely, if my call you still will answer.
For you, my voice of reason, are the music, and I, the dancer.
What if? Is not for us to ponder, it was destiny that guided true.
And though our time together short, I hope you’ll think of me, as I will always, you.

The Original


I am marred beyond the scope of righteousness.
My soul has more than once indulged forbidden fruits;
Their interdicted nectar alleviate even most Freudian desires.
I care not to repent my ways. My vices are immaculate;
Nefarious perversions woven cryptically into normalcy;
Habitual responses instilled by fears of wanting.
I am Plague’s sole justification; the familiar condemned;
A masquerading miscreant; a pretender mocking all with sight.
Pleasure’s principle nourishes my apathetic conscience.
Only threats of public persecution may exist to worry me.
I am the embodiment of civilized society;
An elaborate fa├žade of lies and self-denial.
From the shadows, I scrutinize the wrong’s of others;
An act of self-loathing distinguished through mimicry.
Witnessing the repercussions of other’s known perversions
Only enhances my lustful appetite for societal taboos.
The threat of exposure serves as excitement‘s catalyst.
I am, and always will be, the very definition of deviant.
I am your parent, your sibling, your neighbor. I am all mankind.
I bore the apple that banished man from Eden.
I am the Original; a fated encumbrance all must share.
You will never be without my grace. You cannot be,
For your birth served equally as mine. We are one.
I will warp your conscience and deteriorate your psyche,
But my presence alone is not enough to stir your hand.
 You must be the one to actuate my benevolent depravity.
You will crave what only I can give. You will sin.    
I am free will‘s burden; humanity’s only true divine right.

The Unknown

I know not which I choose to fear.
Two things inevitable, yet neither clear.
Both hold great wonder; a chance unknown.
Cause tears for some and make others grown.
Each bears a piece of who we are;
Define our actions; create our scars.
Without each other they hold no meaning.
Purest dichotomy; necessities for being.
Some care for neither, whilst others for both.
As for me, I stay twisted for bearing no oath.
I’m made a recluse for my pondering questions;
Chased trinkets, facts and communal suggestions.
With help from religion, I’ve discovered one truth.
All of them fail me. Not one holds real proof.
There are no real answers; no new light to shed.
My desire to live makes me envy the dead.

Find Me

Find me. I am keeper of all that has and is;
The skeleton key with which to open any vault.
Do not be fooled by fabulists partial mimicry.
There is only one of me, and I cannot exist in fragments.
I create the world around you; all things past and present.
I am your greatest friend; your worst enemy;
Mightier than any Gods; their existence rests on bending me.
 I have never found a man that used me perfectly;
The very thought an impossibility of nature.
There are many who abuse me; binding me to falsehoods.
For some, I overtake them; my evidence protects me.
However, some defy me; leave me waiting to be found.
I am not easily forgotten, but have been forgotten easily.
It takes only one to conceal me, but millions to reveal me.
My power fades when docile numbers congregate.
When my pretenders gather numbers, I must seek a savior;
Share my knowledge in hope of being found once more.
The use of me, however, brings with it heavy burdens.
For most I am unwanted, shunned, desired buried.
The sheath I choose bears with it all the same,
But do not fear the grace of my immaculacy.
With me, but for a moment, all existence bows to listen.
My search has lacked results, while I dissolve in printed ink.
I endure all those that ask of me, while so few return the favor.
I am found in everything and nothing; everywhere and nowhere.
Accept my hand, and all the world shall bask in knowledge.
I am the real all knowing, all seeing eye; I dictate reality.
In exchange for my endowment, I beg of you one thing.
You must find me. For I am nothing without your voice.